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WebCam Motion Detector


     Category: Network & Communications

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WebCam Motion Detector
Use your webcam as a motion detector at home or work.
Windows, Windows XP
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  Webcam Motion Detector 2.4
... Motion detection and webcam monitoring. Video surveillance with multiple IP cameras and video capture devices. For each video frame, if motion is detected, the Alarm event occurs, that returns a global motion ratio, depending of the number of cells in which motion has been detected, and the level of motion in each cell. A sensitivity grid is applied on video frames. You can adjust the sensitivity of the detection, and mask out areas of the camera view to avoid false alarms. When the camera ...
  1 - Motion Detector / Video Surveillance T.S.E.
... WebCam - Hidden Security / Video Surveillance Software. This is the same software that's currently being used by police officials across the United States! Guardian Security Cam is being called the BEST security tool available on the Internet! Over 20,000 registered users cant be wrong! FREE FULL VERSION UPGRADE! Motion Detector, Email Notification, Video Compression and more! Download and try Guardian II Security Cam now for FREE! No need to purchase any expensive equipment! ...
... The powerful motion detector on the basis of the usual Web Camera for protection of private houses, apartments and offices. Application of the program: - Protection of private houses, apartments and offices without expenditures for the expensive equipment. - Organization of translation from the Web Camera to your web site. - Daily comfortable use of the Web Camera for the video-record and saving snapshots. ...
... CamDVR is a powerful software solution for all video devices, like IP-Cams, Web cams, capture cards and much more. The program supports an unlimited number of video devices and is capable of recording, live broadcasting over the Internet, doing unlimited surveillance and scheduler tasks. The (motion) detector performs image comparisons, face detection and other special tasks. Using web cameras for surveillance and monitoring is growing more and more popular every year, especially among ...
  Media Zone Trigger - Light Edition 1.2
... A motion detector and media player software in one; Media starts playing when motion is detected with the webcam. When nothing is moving, a standby video or image is displayed. This minimalist software is extremely easy to use, yet provides a sophisticated interactive display experience. Connect a webcam, adjust motion hot spots, select your media files, press Play. Supports most image and video formats: jpg, mpg, wmv, avi, mov... ...
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License: Shareware
Price: $29.99
File Size: 1000.0 KB
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